Most people believe it is easy to get abatement of IRS penalties and interest hen in reality it is a very difficult process.

Strict IRS guidelines must be met before they will consider abatement of any penalties. Consider: it is a lot easier for someone working at the IRS to deny the penalty abatement than to accept it because of the due diligence they must exercise in the process of getting your penalties abated.

Obviously, the individual reviewing your application at the IRS must obtain their manager’s signature in order to get your penalty abatement request approved. Therefore, all abatement of penalty cases must be fully documented, well thought out, present a powerful enough case, and have substantial documentation to prove a reasonable cause abatement exists in order to get their group manager’s approval and signature.

As a team of former IRS Revenue Agents, Revenue Officers and Appeals Officers, we were charged with the job at the IRS of the abatement of penalties and interest on individuals who filed for reasonable cause under the abatement of penalty guidelines.

It only makes sense! If you want toget IRS abatement of penalties, call the team of former IRS agents and managers who not only know the system, but capitalize on the inside techniques used by the Internal Revenue Service to help our clients.

Our team has a combined total of over 130 years of working directly for the Internal Revenue Service in the local, district, and regional tax offices of the Internal Revenue Service.

As former IRS agents, we have abated thousands and thousands of dollars of taxpayer penalties and interest and know the exact system and techniques to have success.

We can help you remove or abate IRS penalties and interest on your taxes if you qualify.

We are bona fide experts in penalty abatement. Do not be ripped off by other companies who have no experience working for the IRS.

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General Information for Abatement of IRS Penalties

This is the “process” used by Joshua A. Webskowski, EA, USTCP to get penalties and interest abated and removed

We will discuss your individual case with you to determine how strong your case is before we begin our process. We make no false claims that every case is a winner and we do not want you to feel like you are spinning your wheels.

Some cases simply do not fit the strict criteria used by the IRS. We will make an initial determination based on the strength of your case and review the likelihood of your success.

Once we interview you and discuss our professional opinion with you, if we feel your claim has merit, we will proceed.

We will then have you do the following:

1. Thoroughly write your fact pattern and assemble your documents that support your claim together so that it fits your timeline.

2. To further support your case, get statements from other people, employees or professionals.

3. Forward your narrative to us for us to review and we will offer any recommendations or corrections that may better ensure your success.

4.  Once we are satisfied, we will file the abatement of penalty request. In our communications with the Internal Revenue Service, we will negotiate to settle your case.

5. If for some reason the abatement of penalty request was denied, file an appeal with the Appeals division of the Internal Revenue Service and continue fighting for abatement of the penalty imposed upon you.

The outline of your abatement of penalty statement should contain

  • The date that the act of noncompliance had to be completed
  • The event that prevented you from being compliant
  • The date of the event that prevented you from being compliant
  • How soon after the event that prevented you from being compliant, did you become compliant with filing and/ or paying your taxes?
  • A complete historical account of the event
  • What specifically happened and when did it happen?
  • During that period, why did you not comply with filing or paying your taxes?
  • What facts and circumstance prevented you from timely filing and paying your taxes?
  • Who else can verify your fact pattern? This is where the statements from other people, employees, or professionals can come in handy!
  • What substantive documentation do you have to prove your claim?
  • Do the timelines (yours and the timeline of the penalties and interest) coincide?
  • Have you been compliant (timely filed your taxes) for the prior and subsequent tax years?
  • Click here to review the various and numerous reasons upon which your abatement request may be based.