Delinquent Tax Returns

You Didn’t File Tax Returns in Previous Years and
THAT’s Getting to be a Problem?

If you did not file your income tax return one year, the next year you no doubt wondered what to do. If you are like many people, you didn’t know what to do – so you didn’t file that year either because you thought it would draw attention to the first year you didn’t file. THAT can start a vicious cycle of back taxes.

If the IRS finds out about any income you received in those years, they will file a tax return for you called a “Substitute for Return” or “SFR.” It will say you owe more tax, interest and penalties than if you filed the return, because the IRS does not have to assume you have any deductions or exemptions, or that what you sold cost you anything to buy. It’s amazing how back tax debt can balloon if it’s the IRS figuring out what you owe. It’s better to resolve all of the missed tax returns with Best Tax Pro whose professionals know how to file back taxes, to work with you to get and organize the information you need to complete the filings.

Thousands of people miss filing tax returns in any given year because of good reasons, bad reasons or no reasons. No matter the cause, the situation can be saved and a cascading tax debt disaster averted with the right help, like Tax Defense Partners. Call them now and they can describe to you how to file back taxes, and if you choose, give you the back taxes help that you need.

Best Tax Pro can help with personal tax returns (Forms 1040), corporate tax returns (Form 1120 & 1120-S for C and S Corps), partnership or LLC tax returns (Form 1065), Estate or Fiduciary tax returns (Form 1041) and the income tax returns of all states that require them.