IRS Payment Plans Are Useful Tools for IRS Payment Arrangements

Setting up an IRS Installment Agreement is one of the most frequently used strategies to resolve back taxes. Negotiating an IRS payment plan increases in difficulty as the amount of your tax debt increases.

The IRS would prefer to collect as much money as possible, as soon as possible. The most common mistake taxpayers make trying to negotiate an IRS payment arrangement themselves is adopting the IRS’ view on how much they should be able to afford to pay each month. The IRS uses guidelines on what your living expense OUGHT to be that may bear no relationship to the reality of your actual living expenses – and here all we are talking about is simply real world living expenses.

You’re better off bringing Best Tax Pro into the picture to negotiate your IRS installment agreement, particularly at higher amounts of tax debt, because our experts have the years of skill in specifically negotiating IRS installment agreements. Best Tax Pro has the experience to evaluate your economic situation and, with frequently and recently updated knowledge of how far the IRS will go to make a reasonable deal, can work out an arrangement that works for both parties.

Best Tax Pro starts with an evaluation of your transcript of tax account to see what the IRS sees and to work out a tax resolution strategy that will solve your tax problem – what you know about and even what you don’t yet know about. Then the experts at Best Tax Pro evaluate your personal economic circumstances to determine what you could afford to pay and how and when you could afford to pay it. Then, with knowledge of the tax law and regulations at least equal to the best IRS agents, Best Tax Pro negotiates a settlement that fits within IRS guidelines and legal requirements that both sides can live with – solving your tax problem permanently for the lowest amount allowed by law.